At Intersett Paving we have an experience team with a combined experience of over 25 years trade experience.  We can service all projects requiring block paving and gravel.  This covers a wide range of scenarios, from driveways, garden paths, patio areas and much more.  Take a look below to get a more detailed explanation of what each of our services involve which should help you decide what’s best for you.


Intersett Paving Services

Personal Service

You want a company you know you can trust, so we ensure you are always kept informed of all issues relating to the project.  This is your property and your money so we will never do anything without first consulting you.  We start any project by giving you a cost estimate and design service that lay out in detail the overall cost, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges or nasty surprises.  With our years of experience in the trade, we are able to provide the best service and materials for any project, no matter what the budget.  We will explain to you the options available to you, the costs of each of these, and while suggesting what we think is best, will always let you make the final decision.    Once you are completely satisfied with our costing and designs, we ask for a small deposit and schedule a date that suits both of us best.  We will then not ask for a single penny more until we have completed the job and you are totally satisfied.  We know how important it is to you to have a project you are totally happy with. Our promise to you is that we have not, and will never walk away from a job until you are one hundred percent satisfied.  As a team we promise, while working on your project to be:

• Punctual- We will always arrive on site on time, on the agreed date and every working day after that. We aim to finish every project as quickly as possible so as to cause the least disturbance to your home or business.
• Polite-Our team will always be courteous and polite to you. We ensure we are respectful of your wishes while on your property.
• Clean-We will keep the site as tidy as possible, not leaving an unsightly mess at the end of the day, and keeping the area as clean as possible during the day. When we leave, we make sure we leave no rubbish or debris, so you can enjoy your new driveway, pathway or patio.
• Considerate-While working on your property we will adhere to your requests, being considerate to requests from business owners and homeowners alike. While some disturbance to normal life is unavoidable, we keep this to a minimum.
• Professional-As experienced tradesmen, we always carry out our work in the most professional manner in all aspects of personal presentation, work ethic and general manner.

Block Paving
At Intersett Paving we fit all types of block paving, for business block paving, domestic block paving, and garden block paving projects.  With a combined trade experience of over 25 years, we can fit all types of block paving, in all varieties of style, colour and sizes.  There is a huge choice of styles in which we lay your block paving, but some of the most popular include Herringbone, the Basket Weave, the Stretcher and the Diamond although there are many more available.  Part of the service we provide is to source the best materials to suit your project.  In the consultation stage of the process we will lay out the best options available and then give any advice or recommendations you require.  At Intersett Paving, we service all commercial block paving projects and domestic block paving projects.  Every project is unique, and every driveway require different arrangement and sizes of block, so rest assured we will tailor-make your final product around your specific requirements.

As with any kind of building project, the preparation is as important as the actual work.  At Intersett Paving we ensure that on every project we are as thorough as possible in regards to preparing the site for paving.  In many cases this involves an element of landscaping to ensure the surface is suitable for use.  We believe in providing you with the complete package and therefore we undertake all landscaping required, rather than subcontracting.  Drainage is another key service we provide in the laying the block paving.  Linear drainage is often the best choice for block paving, allowing for surface run off along the entire length of the drive, patio or pathway.  There are different types of drainage, each suiting a different usage.  For example, galvanized steel slots are perfect when drainage is desired to be discreet and able to withstand being driven over.  Other stainless steel or polypropylene options are available for block paving that will be walked, rather than driven over.  At Intersett Paving, we ensure that we fit the best drainage solution for your block-paving project.  We also take incredible pride in giving your driveway or patio area the best look possible, and the finishing touches are equally as important as the main block paving.  As part of our work, we can fit borders or edging on your paving.  In some cases this a different colour or shape of brick, while others prefer a gravel border.  As with all our services, we have a fantastic choice of borders for you to choose from, and all will be fitted with the same expert care and attention we apply to all our work.

Intersett Paving undertakes a wide range of gravel projects, including gravel driveways, gravels paths, gravels bed and much more besides.  As with all our work, we source a wide variety of sizes and materials and ensure we find the best one to suit your project.  We carry out gravel projects for both commercial graveling and domestic graveling; no job is too big and none are too small.  As previously mentioned, in the initial consultation process we will present you with a choice of size and colour available to you, and if you desire, advise as you as to which will be best for your specific needs.  We understand that money plays a large part in these decisions and so will always find the best solution to suit your budget.  To begin with, we will prepare the area for the gravel, which, in most cases involves a degree of landscaping.  At Intersett Paving, we believe in providing you with the complete package and therefore undertake all landscaping work ourselves, rather than subcontracting.  As part of laying your gravel, we also fit a series of drainage channels. These are particularly important when working with gravel as without it, the area can become waterlogged and the gravel displaced. 

Industrial Work
At Intersett Paving we also utilise our combined experience of over 25 years in the trade to carry out industrial work at all kinds of locations including: building sites, big industrial units, housing estates, warehouses, new builds, car parks of supermarkets and large stores, and roads - major, minor and private.   

At Intersett Paving, we deal with all drainage, borders and landscaping a project may require.  No job is too big or small.

Our Services

Block Paving Driveways

Perfect for domestic or commercial projects, this hardwearing and stylish option is what we at Intersett Paving specialise in.  Take a look at our Portfolio page to see just some of the designs, sizes and colours of block paving available.  As part of our service we undertake all landscaping work required and fit all drainage channels and borders needed to help keep your driveway looking its best all year round.  To have a look at some of the stylish options, go to our Portfolio page.  There is no job too big or too small for our experience and friendly team, and with a combined trade experience of over 25 years, we can expertly fit and finish all types of block paving.  If you have any questions regarding our block paving services, or want us to give you a quote don’t hesitate to get in touch, have a look at our Contact Us page for more details. 

Block Paving Patios

Block paving is a fantastic choice for garden patios.  With a huge range of stylish bricks to choose from, in a wide variety of colours and sizes and even patterns, there is an almost endless array of choices for your block paving patio.  Arguably the most popular option for garden patios, block paving is relatively low maintenance and fantastically hard wearing.  To get an idea of what is possible with block paving, have look at our Portfolio page.  Perfect for garden patios, outdoor restaurant patios, pub garden patios and many more settings besides. If you have any questions regarding our block paving services, or want us to give you a quote don’t hesitate to get in touch, have a look at our Contact Us page for more details. 

Gravel Driveways

For many there is an elegance attached to pulling into a driveway as the gravel crunches under the tyres.  At Intersett Paving, we have decades of experience laying this stylish driveway option.  There are vast ranges of colours of gravel available, and we will always source that which best suits your requirements.  For gravel driveways, the size of stone is crucial; too big and it is difficult to drive over and damages tyres, and too fine and it gets blown away or dragged around s cars drive over it.  Our experienced team will know what best to lay to ensure long life for your drive.  At Intersett Paving we tend to use between 10mm and 20mm size stones, but if other sizes are needed we can source this for you.  As part of our service, we also fit all drainage and border or edging required, to give your driveway that superb finish.  If you have any queries about how we can help you with your domestic gravel driveway or commercial gravel driveway don’t hesitate to get in touch, all our details can be found on out Contact Us page.

Gravel Pathways

A stylish feature for both domestic and commercial settings, gravel pathways are easy to maintain and relatively cheap to have installed.  With a range of colours, sizes and even patterns available, Intersett Paving can service all business gravel pathways, domestic gravel pathways, garden gravel pathways, restaurant gravel pathways and many more setting besides.  As part of our service, we also fit the drainage channels required, as well as undertaking any landscaping or edging work required as part of your project.  To make the most of years of experience in the trade, don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can help you with your gravel pathway.  All our details can be found on our Contact Us page.

Gravel Beds

A stylish option to give any garden or exterior space a Mediterranean feel, gravel beds are a relatively inexpensive way of dramatically improving your outside area.  With a huge range of colours, sizes of stone and even patterns available, almost any look can be created using gravel.  Perfect for gardens, restaurant gardens, pub gardens or even shop or office fronts, we lay gravel beds for almost any setting.  For information about our service and to get a quote for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Have a look at our Contact Us page for all our details.    

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